About us

About us
“Omelia” ltd, Zlatograd is a company founded in 1991.Its head office is in Zlatograd ,10 “Belovidivo”str. and its business activity is production of workwear,uniforms and special clothing.

“Omelia”ltd is represented and managed by Mr. Yasen St. Kermenov- a Manager with 22- years experience in the textile industry.

The company has its own production and storage base, sewing departments equipped with new modern sewing and auxiliary machines. It is specialized in the production of workwear,uniforms and special clothing for all spheres of  manufacturing and services.

We offer to our clients excellent quality, competitive prices and flexibility in executing the orders.

Products with materials supplied by the client are produced for Germany, Greece, Austria, France, Italy and Denmark.In the company there are 358 employees.Тhe production cycle is closed-from cutting to packing.From its establishing until today the Manager team of the company strives constantly to improve its production so to be able to refer to the requirements of the BSS(Bulgarian State Standard) and European standards. The company develops its activity in several directions .Some of the main ones are:

  • protective workwear;
  • dust-proof workwear;
  • medical and surgical clothing;
  • uniforms and non-standard clothing;
  • company signs and embroidery;
  • fire-resisting/ protective garments;
In our work we rely mainly on the individual approach to each customer.

By selling quality products at competitive price, the name “Omelia” becomes a symbol of good quality.